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Vans of Great Bridge


All of our vehicles have been fully serviced & come ready for the road. We perform an inspection on every vehicle before listing it for sale. This means that every vehicle has a fresh oil change, oil filter, air filter, as well as clean & full fluids. Belts & hoses are inspected and replaced if needed. Virginia State Safety Inspection is performed on all our vehicles. We actually DRIVE and test all features to make sure they are functioning properly. We stand behind our vehicles with a warranty. We make it right. A lot of our inventory is covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty. We also offer an extended service contract for purchases that can be used nationwide at the repair facility of your choice. Price quotes are based on the coverage selected and mileage.

If you have a vehicle that you would like to trade in toward your purchase, please send us as much information as you can on your trade-in. We need the year, make, model, trim level & miles on the vehicle, as a start. Don't be shy about any damage that we will see when it gets here. Please tell us if you own the vehicle or if it has a lien on it. If it has a lien, the payoff amount is always helpful. The VIN# (vehicle ID number), pictures or any other info that may be helpful as well. Feel free to call us directly or send your information in an email to us. We will do as much preliminary work as we can. Please keep in mind that we do have to see the vehicle to properly appraise it.

WE OFFER BANK FINANCING & LOCAL CREDIT UNION FINANCING. We also offer commercial auto loans for our business customers & motorcycle loans for our Harley Davidson's.

Vans of Great Bridge is a local owned and operated auto dealer in Chesapeake Virginia. We have been at our location since 1989.

We proudly serve our local community and surrounding areas with great quality vehicles at great prices. It is not uncommon to see our customers at the grocery store or out shopping. They are always happy to see us. We value their business and they know we will always serve them well. We have always gone above and beyond for our customers.

Vans of Great Bridge also has a strong out of state clientele. We have shipped vans all over the country and overseas. Many of our families and business customers plan their trips around picking up their vehicle. Lots of great stories and great people are what continues to make us keep our business on a personal level. Our customers actually come back and visit us when they are in town. Locals will stop by and see what's new on our lot even if they aren't in the market for a vehicle.

Our staff will go the extra mile to help you with your purchase. We have over 31 years of testimonials to prove it.


Todd Carey - Owner/Buyer/Sales
Todd has had a true passion for automobiles since he was a teenager. His first car was a 1967 Chevy Camaro. He spent endless days making it a high performance perfect car. Todd has an extensive knowledge of the automobile business from the ground up. When he’s not out hunting down inventory; you can find him getting dirty right beside his detail & service staff. He is a 100% hands-on Owner.

Sharri Carey - Owner
Sharri is the go to person for just about anything. Along with her husband Todd, She is also a 100% hands-on owner.

Dusty McHenry- Lead Recon Specialist
Dusty is the hardest working recon guy you’ll ever meet. He works diligently on our inventory to make it top notch. He takes great pride in his work and it shows! Compliments are often given by customers when they pick up their new van. Dusty has been with us since 2015. Always a smile on his face, Dusty is a pleasure to have on our team. When not working, Dusty enjoys the great outdoors, Chicks Beach and his happy dog Ruca.

Justin Arnold - Sales & Service Manager
Justin is our jack of all trades. He runs all the day to day operations of the company. His multi-task ability is phenomenal. He says he has eyes in the back of his head! Justin has built a large clientele base of repeat customers that love the ease of calling him and being able to pick out a van over the phone. They value his knowledge. Justin has been with our company over 20 years. Justin's dedication to our company is so appreciated. We are thankful every day.

Tammy Kippley - Sales/Office & F&I Manager Tammy is our leading lady in the front office. She will give you 110% of herself to assist you with your vehicle purchase. Tammy has a wonderful relationship with our lenders. If you need loan assistance, Tammy is the one! Tammy is also a family member who has a long time relationship with Vans of Great Bridge. We all adore her. Anyone who knows her calls her "Teets".

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