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Vans of Great Bridge

Company History

Vans of Great Bridge is a local owned and operated auto dealer in Chesapeake Virginia. We have been at our location since 1989.

We proudly serve our local community and surrounding areas with great quality vehicles at great prices. It is not uncommon to see our customers at the grocery store or out shopping. They are always happy to see us. We value their business and they know we will always serve them well. We have always gone above and beyond for our customers.

Vans of Great Bridge also has a strong out of state clientele. We have shipped vans all over the country and overseas. Many of our families and business customers plan their trips around picking up their vehicle. Lots of great stories and great people are what continues to makes us keep our business on a personal level. Our customers actually come back and visit us when they are in town. Locals will stop by and see what's new on our lot even if they aren't in the market for a vehicle.

Since 1989 we have extended a discount of $250.00 to all our repeat customers.

Customers receive an immediate $250.00 discount on each vehicle for multiple vehicles purchased on the same day.

Customers traveling more than 250 miles - one way to buy a vehicle from Vans of Great Bridge receive a $250.00 discount off the purchase price of their vehicle to help offset travel expenses.

Vans of Great Bridge has been a one price seller since 1989. We monitor our pricing on a weekly basis, making sure we provide current market prices, adjusting them accordingly when needed.

Everyone deserves the BEST price, (up front) on the highest quality vehicle.

Please visit Vans of Great Bridge & see the difference!

Our staff will go the extra mile to help you with your purchase. We have over 31 years of testimonials to prove it.


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